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Commissioner of the Revenue
Department Listing  Phone
Administration  757-664-7890
Audit  757-664-7887
Business Tax  757-664-7886
Personal Property Tax  757-664-7884
State Income Tax  757-664-7885
Tax Compliance  757-664-7883
Providing Superior Service and Quality to the Citizens of Norfolk

We are the Chief Assessor for the City of Norfolk. We provide the following services to aid in the continued economic growth of our city:

  • Assessment of individual and business personal property
  • Issuance and renewal of business licenses
  • Administration of all fiduciary taxes
  • Provider of DMV Select services
  • Evaluation of customer tax compliance
  • Assistance and processing of Virginia State Income Taxes
  • Investigation of Inquiries and delinquent accounts
  • Assistance with Yard Sales
  • Provider of E-Z Pass Transponders

Important Information 

Tax Rates
 Item Type Rate
Vehicles $4.33 per $100
Recreational Vehicles $1.50 per $100
Boats $0.50 per $100
Mobile Homes $1.15 per $100
Aircraft $2.40 per $100
Business Property $4.33 per $100
Machinery & Tools $4.25 per $100