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Elizabeth River with a Tugboat, Sailboat and the USS Wisconsin

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Biking in Norfolk
May is Norfolk Bike monthJoin us as we bike through
Norfolk in a series of free, fun and healthy community events!

Norfolk Bike Month is a community celebration of planned by Department of Recreation, Parks and Open Space in collaboration with the Downtown Norfolk Council and HRT's Traffix.

Why Choose to Bike?

It Saves Money
  • Eliminate parking fees, parking tickets, fuel costs, auto maintenance and transit fares when you hop on your bike. Replacing that second car with a bicycle can free up to 25% of your income by eliminating costs like car payments and insurance.  

 It’s Good for the Environment

  • Cars are the single largest source of pollution in the United States, and short trips cause three times more pollution than long trips! The next time you go to turn on the ignition, think about kicking up the kickstand instead.

It’s Healthy & Productive
  • Two-thirds of the adult US population, and roughly one-quarter of children are overweight, costing our nation $68 billion in healthcare costs every year. 

It’s Fun
  • Families, friends and loved ones can all enjoy a ride together. No matter your age or skill, hopping on a bike is a thrill…start pedaling today!

Norfolk's Bike Network
With adjustments to the existing roadway network and the development of trails and neighborhood loops, Norfolk is evolving into a bike-friendly city.

View the current Norfolk Bike Network map.

Elizabeth River Trail
ERTsign.jpgThe Elizabeth River Trail (ERT) is a 10.5 mile urban biking and pedestrian trail that offers users beautiful views and an exploration of our city's history. The trail runs from Norfolk Naval Base, located in the northern portion of the city, into downtown Norfolk, ending at Norfolk State University.

Print the ERT map. View the ERT on Google Maps