7 Gifts for Someone with Depression

1. Recovery Diary (hard copy or digital file)

Plugging my own book here. Our Recovery Diary is a daily journal that you can fill out with your mood, goals, notes, and other things to keep track of how you’re doing in your journey toward a happier life.  We actually have physical, printed spiral bound copies of the journal available – either in full color or black and white – that you could ship to a loved one or ship it to yourself and wrap it up and present it to them in person, or you could always buy the digital version and send it to a friend (but please only use each digital copy purchased for one person

2. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a soothing and comforting way to relieve anxiety and sleeplessness. I just got this one from Weighting Comforts and it’s great! It’s like a regular blanket but it has little pellets sewn into it to give the blanket a little bit of weight (10 pounds total for the size I got) that feels like a hug or massage (actually it’s kind of like there’s a cat sleeping on you haha). This particular brand is handmade by refugee women in Nashville, Tennessee.

3. A beautiful scented candle

I love burning scented candles for the ambiance and relaxing or uplifting fragrances.  This one is infused with happy and uplifting essential oils. You can even try candle gazing as an alternative to meditation!

4. One Line a Day Journal

This beautiful journal with a gold and navy blue galaxy cover lets you record a few thoughts – or one line a day – about your life so you can look back on it and see how the last 365 days have been. It’s a great way to record your progress or the ups and downs in life or also keep track of your mood.

5. Light Therapy Lamp (also known as a sad light or happy light)

I haven’t experimented with these much (I’ve used one once before), but many psychiatrists and studies claim that exposure to light that mimics the sun (especially in the winter when you don’t get as much natural sunlight) can help depression.  Worth looking into. You can also try taking a vitamin D supplement if there’s not enough sunshine, like during winter.

6. Therabox… or another happiness-related subscription box

These happiness, self care, and mental health-themed monthly subscription boxes like Therabox are a fun way to get a regular little boost of happiness and joy in the mail, with included items like candles, bath bombs, happiness challenges, and more.  They would also make a perfect gift to have sent to a loved one!

7.  30 Day Negativity Detox

The 30 Day Negativity Detox is our digital video course or ebook that helps you detox all the negativity in your life so you can live a happier, more positive life.