What a wonderful site to follow. All the needed information to help those who needed help are all here. It gives us a mission not to let people suffer in silence. Thank you so very much.

-Lisa V.


Wow! What I was expecting. I couldn’t get help from people because they don’t understand nor feel what I’m going through. Thanks again 🙂



I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Whenever I feel down, I am already assured that this site is always here for me. Even I, for one, don’t understand what or how I’m feeling. Thank you for being there.

-Connie H.


I want you to know that I consider this site as my home now. I was drawn to your website the first time saw it. Please continue providing us uplifting articles and tips on getting almost any mental problem. Thanks.



I just wanted to say thank you for all. I feel knowledgeable already. I realized I’ve done many mistakes in handling the situation of my son. Even when we’re on vacation, my son is always feeling left out. Thanks!



I really appreciated all the work you’ve put on this site, and i’m looking forward to every single post in the future. I’m with you because you’re always with me notwithstanding my mental situation.