Gifts to Help Your Sad Friend Get Their Shit Together

Your friend is in rut. Due to a variety of circumstances which may or may not be under their control, several things are not good. It’s ok! It happens to everyone! What sucks is that at this point, you can’t really do much about it. I can’t either. I don’t know your friend. But having […]

7 Gifts for Someone with Depression

1. Recovery Diary (hard copy or digital file) Plugging my own book here. Our Recovery Diary is a daily journal that you can fill out with your mood, goals, notes, and other things to keep track of how you’re doing in your journey toward a happier life.  We actually have physical, printed spiral bound copies of the journal […]

11 Positive Gift Ideas To Cheer Up Sad People

With last week’s unwelcoming snowfall coming to an end, we’re headed for warmer days and patio-ready weather. For the glass is half full type, it’s time to prepare for the fun of spring and summer — hooray! For the glass is half empty type… well, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) doesn’t stop at the sight of […]

Short and simple Kigurumi DIY tutorial

Do you want to make your own, unique Kigurumi onesie? No problem, follow these instructions! Our step by step guide will help you to make your own Kigurumi without anyone’s help. However, this is a general guide with instructions on how to make this adorable onesie. That means that you will have to sew the […]

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