The Rise Of Magnetic Bracelets And Why It Is So Captivating

When you practice survival, bivouac or you are military it is obvious that the concept of a rope that can hold around the wrist is a definite advantage. The magnetic bracelets survival bracelet is popular with military and outdoor activities. Are you worried about what are the side effects of magnetic bracelets? Then here is the guide for you. Please know beforehand that this bracelet is not the type of bracelet you get as heirloom.

What are magnetic bracelets?

In reality, the magnetic bracelets are a very strong thin rope that is used for parachute hangers. It can support a load of about 250 kg and contains in a braided nylon sheath, 7 strands themselves composed of 2 strands that can be used independently. Also, Surplus Discount offers magnetic bracelets 550 in dimensions of 15 meters and 30 meters. The colors are black, khaki, coyote, foliage or orange. This may not have the durability of gold bracelet, but it’s lighter plus durable.

How to make a survival bracelet:

In order to make a magnetic bracelets bracelet, you need:

  • About 2.50 m of magnetic bracelets
  • Scissors
  • Lighter to seal the ends
  • 1 quick loop
  • 1 meter tape

Before starting braiding, start by measuring your wrist circumference to know the exact length that will make your bracelet. For braiding, it is not easy to explain its assembly. In fact, we offer three videos that will allow you to learn how to make your own magnetic bracelets bracelet.

The survival bracelet is an accessory that some use for its aesthetic appearance, but it is far from being its primary function. Basically, it is a bracelet that equips the military to go on an adventure, and it has gradually become popular among lovers of outdoor activities: camping, bivouac, mountaineering or all activities for which you might need rope. And they are numerous!

The survival bracelet is indeed made magnetic bracelets, an ultra strong rope used for military parachutes, able to withstand a heavy load. As we will see later, this is not his only function and the bracelet will quickly become an essential ally in your field trips.

In this guide, best comparative explains how to make a survival bracelet, for the more handymen of you. We also reviewed 5 Magnetic bracelets Survival Bracelets so you can make your choice. To face all the unexpected, choose a survival bracelet!

Read this article which stresses on how it survival bracelets can save your life.

A survival bracelet: what for?

At the base, this survival bracelet was only available for soldiers who went on missions in risk areas. In addition to their bags, heavy and bulky, they had with this small bracelet an extra element of survival lightweight and attached to their wrist. Thus, even in case of loss of bag or abandonment in a risky situation, the military did not find themselves caught unprepared. For paratroopers, you should know that it is the same rope that is used for these bracelets to make the parachute ropes! Maximum strength guaranteed! Stunning bracelet ain’t it?

This is the movement called Survivalist who has democratized this type of bracelet and we now see more and more around the wrist of many amateur adventurers. If you do not use it every day, you’ll have it handy when it’s needed. Those who like to get lost in the forest or mountains and live wild adventures will be thrilled. The survival bracelet has indeed several functions convenient when you are away from home. If you are interested about it, buy only from

A rope always available:

Depending on the model, the magnetic bracelets of the bracelet will be between 3 and 5 meters long. These magnetic bracelets can support a load of 250 kilos. Whether it is to support you in an ascent or to pull a vehicle or a heavy object, it will be quite resistant. The survival bracelet is also indicated to help you to make various objects, such as a small shelter, a trap, to fish or to light a fire according to the accessories which it is equipped.

It can also be useful for patching damaged clothes. Practical in many situations for outdoor activities, here are the quality survival wristbands we reviewed. The survival bracelet combines a superb visual with a solid foolproof. It is also guaranteed for life. Black, with a small stainless steel closure, it is the most beautiful effect and you can wear it easily as a bracelet without it denotes with civilian attire. It can also be attached to your bag, your belt or serve as a keychain!

The length of rope, once unwound, is 3 meters. This is a rope magnetic bracelet robust and that we seemed very resistant. What always have at hand the necessary for emergencies or when you need to stretch or fix something? It’s a simple survival bracelet, which will be perfect in combination with a survival kit. Unlike other models, it has no additional accessories but for the price, difficult to ask too much.

With its black rope and stainless steel clasp, it can be used both as an aesthetic bracelet and for the survival it is intended for. We appreciated the fact that it is adjustable, in order to adapt to different wrist diameters, as well as its lightness (59g only). It is sold with a spare screw in case you lose that of the clasp and it is guaranteed for life.

Express survival personality through bracelets. Let everyone know. Share to save lives, too! You never know, it might just help them.